Atelier Ao So Mi was created after an inspiring trip to Viet Nam in 2020.

All of the clothes and shoes were made in collaboration with a wonderful and amazing family of Tailors in Hoi An, run by the matriarch of the family, Mai. Fabrics are hand chosen and dyed to order within Mai's small shop. Quality and timelessness are our priorities; we want the Ao So Mi girls to be able to wear our designs for a long time. Contrary to a fast and disposable business model, we strongly believe in sustainability and aim to reduce waste. While we refuse to advertise ourselves as a fully eco brand, we do opt for a demand-driven style of production. Therefore, once colors are sold out, they will not come back. If we see that a particular style is popular we will strive to produce more, but in different colors or fabric to respond to the demand.

Origins of the name:

Ao So Mi is a Vietnamese word influenced by the french word “une chemise”. France controlled Vietnam from 1887 until 1954, and under its control the french language became the language of government and commerce. While French indochina ended awhile ago, the influence of the French language remains and the words ao so mi are still used today.